This blog explores the spirit of leadership — that is, what is the heart and soul of great leadership? How do we make sense of leadership failures and successes, expectations and disappointments? All of us, leaders and followers, are caught in a web of myths, challenges, visionary goals and contradictions that we must face with […]

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Last week I posted about how to improve your charisma. This week I thought it equally important to bring up the dark side of charisma. Charismatic leaders are often thought of as heroes that are able to use their personal allure to lead others.  We have learned about inspirational leaders like…

Leading with authentic spirit means leading with love, which ultimately means leading simply. No matter how many theories we weave, no matter how complicated the tasks we must accomplish, the process is simple (but not easy). The path of great leadership, even great visionary leadership, is marked by presence, that is, leading by being, being […]

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At the company’s management forum today, one of the topics discussed was crucial conversations, during which the emphasis was on the importance of putting emotions and the ego aside to resolve conflicts. Our Managing Director demonstrated exemplary leadership when during his wrap up speech, he openly commended a…

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I was recently working with a new client on applying Situational Leadership® II in his organization. I suggested as a first step he meet with each of his direct reports to get clear on their goals. “But I already know each person’s goals,” he said. “We all always have goals.…

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+ + On the internet you may find a challenge which thousands of people have to face every day, day in day out. The number of crises around the world is far outpacing the level of funding for humanitarian operations, and vulnerable refugees in critical operations are falling through…

According to Leadership Freak, there are “7 Ways to Powerfully Lead Through Problems.” They’re listed below, so that you can pay particular attention to #2: Create a “We,” in the context of his list. Be transparent. Everyone knows profits are down. They’re waiting for you to name it. Create a “we.” Talk with people at […]

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The work of Anita Sarkeesian and her project, Feminist Frequency, has always been controversial. To some at least. Sarkeesian has been on the receiving end of the worst venom the internet can produce. Everything from mockery to rape and death threats have been directed at her, on and off-line, because of her…


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